How would you live your life if you couldn't FAIL?

Inside this book you will learn...

  • How to shift from reactive to proactive with a plan for accomplishing what matters to you

  • How to have a framework for your lifestyle that makes growing your business easier and taking time off more

  • ​How to organize your life so that you're feeling good and having more fun most of the time

  • How to keep focused on what you value in your life and business and not letting money control you

We respect your privacy

We respect your privacy

This book will transform your the way you live and create a life worth remembering

What Readers Are Saying...

"Live the Amazing Life of Your Dreams! I really related to many portions of the book. Most of us go through our life not knowing each day what we are supposed to be doing. This book gives you step by step plan that will serve as a roadmap for your life. We want to feel we are doing something while we are here on earth as well as leaving our mark on the world. This is a good roadmap to help you reach both of these desires.. Very easy read but a very powerful message". - Kathleen Hoagland

"I don't read many books cover to cover, especially one that’s about prioritizing my life! But I read this one! It is packed with wonderful information, and has helped me in many ways. This is an absolutely gotta, gotta, gotta, "Must Read" book! Every business person, every man, women and child should be required to read it. This should be a mandatory read for all high school students! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain incorporating these principles." - Paul Rogers

"Short and sweet, generous sprinkles of organized ideas for us to use and share. Authentic about his past mistakes, Daniel creates a lovely blending of former and present habits to inspire the action we can take NOW. I'm headed toward working less, beginning immediately."- Nancy Elsie

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